I Care

It’s been a while.

I think I’d like to talk about something that popped into my mind recently regarding Buddhism. I mean, it’s quite the amazing lifestyle that seems not to condemn others to abide by their rules, for fear of punishment; it assumes we always suffer this dukkha, which seems quite accurate.

Like, how many people can live without a moment of grief in their life?

Simple… Buddhism eliminates suffering.

But the question is how.

Helping in Hong Kong University assignments has exposed me multiple times to the concept of the four noble truths. Guidelines that seem to allow oneself to actualise to a state without any suffering. The downside is that is all seems to point to removing any detachment.

Something that’s really quite hard, and something that seems very much like dying to me. I mean, my own distinction between the living and the dead is the ability to make and act on a choice (sorry indecisive people). So if choices no longer matter then, how can one be considered living?

Some more food for my thoughts I guess.

But for now, I care.

I care for my family.

I care for my friends.

I care for all of it.



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