A New Fight.

Right here. Right now.

I have an offer for you. Interested?



Thats’s it. Trade comfortable for something more colourful and come outside of those walls that box you in.

What? You will fail?

Yeah you will.

Shame and embarrassment will stalk you at every corner. From who though? Who can’t you face for failing? Your boss? Your crush? That gossiping Jerry that’d still be able to find something to complain about?

Do you just stand there? Being the sensible and playing nice in conventional. Sit high and look pretty as you look down on me from your superiority at being risk-less ordinary.

Do you stay to drown misery in whiskey? Or do you still want to try? To leave the norm and break it all.

So… my offer?

I’m leaving…




We have a fight to win.



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