Less is More

Been through a few thoughts lately.
Sharing one that sticks from the times I’m writing.

Imagine two passages,
they tell the same story; portray the same feeling, and invite the same engagement.

one is 10 words

the other is a hundred

I should write for me, so, the former the preferred option.
Yet somehow, I always slip to the latter.

Too often, too much is used to paint perfection into a frame.
Unless the plan is to paint a wordy starry starry night, the point must go on.

Too many words get lost. A shadow of uneventful inky letters that clouds a story.
Read a few lines that make you think, to imagine or induce thought before leaving you to the deep abyss of a mind; their mind, your mind, some mind.

Ignore that word count and just finish the story.

Less is more.



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