Family is always a good place to start

I like to say goodnight.


I’m new around, but I’m eager to get to meet each and everyone here. So I will start with a little about myself: goodnights are great.

Don’t know when I learned this habit, but I appreciate it. Don’t know how many more are left for loved ones, so each one counts.

I regret never saying goodnight to grandpa. Never having that chance. Not being as appreciative of the time I have left with the people I love.

It’s been more than a year now, but every now and then I still get teary. Getting teary is not equivalent to sadness; it’s more missing the man who had once left everything for a new start.

In the family story; he outwitted some pirates on the way to this new life. Brings a little smile sometimes, thinking about grandpa standing off pistol-to-pistol alongside a red-hooded Johnny Dee…Jack Sparrow. His neatly thinned comb-over contrasting next to those shaggy braids.
That kind of image. Can you imagine that?

All those opportunities his hands pulled for the family after reaching this new life.

Grandpa taught me many lessons. Of the many he taught me:-

Be comfortable, not excessive

Excessive wants should be met with comfortable likes.


His words etch their way into my soul.

Will you share a few words with me?


Well here’s to you grandpa. Thinking of you always and forever. Goodnight



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